Do You Readjust Your Long Term Goals List?

Do You Readjust Your Long Term Goals List?

A year ago our goal was to buy some land or a house in a town near my hometown. Our other goal was to pay down debt and finish our basement. It’s a year later and so much has changed that we need to readjust. Do you readjust your long term goals list?

Creating goals is great. They help us focus on what we want and help us achieve our dreams. While this is great, we also have to periodically look at our long term goals list and readjust it as necessary.

Say you are planning on adopting a child or two from foster care and you spend a lot of time going through profiles and, hopefully, attending adoption staffings. Your goal is to adopt a child, or two. You have a three bedroom house and you work from home in a small town with an excellent school system. Your family lives an hour and twenty minutes away but your adoption specialist has assured you there are lots of resources and support available in your town.

Then you get a phone call on a Friday asking if you’d be willing to foster three kids, six years old and under that will be available for adoption in a few months, but you have to make a decision in twenty minutes and if you decide to, you have to pick them up in another town on Monday.

A LOT of goals get readjusted when this happens! Believe me! Not that we didn’t love that we were able to adopt our kids but we had to take all of our goals for the future, scrap them, and make new ones.

We had to do it again when my husband was fired last September.

We’re doing it right now as the house we are building is taking longer than we thought to get done.

How many times have you made a plan then had to change it? It happens all the time! It doesn’t have to be a bad thing though. In fact, it can bring more focus and simplicity to your goals and dreams.

Readjust Your Long Term Goals List

Are your goals still long term? 

Our long-term goal was to purchase a piece of property and slowly move our family nearer to my hometown. When my husband lost his job that quickly became a short-term goal. Hopefully, your goals don’t change because of the same situation but it is still important to check in on your goals and see which ones you need to be working harder on or which ones are getting close to needing to be accomplished.

Do you even want these goals any longer? 

Really look at your goals. Are they what you still want? Do they fit the life you want? Maybe six months ago you wanted a six-figure income and a big house but in the meantime you’ve realized that charging towards that life has left you sick and tired. Maybe now you want something simpler. Did you want to visit your friend in Paris next year but she had a quickie marriage and moved? Our goals change as we age and our lives change and that’s okay.

Do you need to alter the goal of your goals? 

One of our goals was to finish our basement but once we realized we were moving, that goal had to be altered. We were in the middle of building a basement with custom built-ins. We went from designing the basement of our dreams to just trying to do the minimum to get the house sold. Do you need to alter anything on your long term goals list? Were you going to attend the University full time but decided you’d rather take classes part time? Sometimes our goals don’t need to be erased, they just need tweaked.

Are you taking the steps necessary to reach your goals? 

Are you really? Can you list the progress you have made on each of your goals or are they just words on a piece of paper? If you aren’t seeing any progress but you want to keep your goal then you need to ask yourself why you aren’t reaching your goals. Is it too big and overwhelming? Then take that big goal and break it into smaller goals. No one hikes Mount Kilimanjaro their first time out, they complete a lot of smaller hikes first. Do you not know where to start? Do some research or ask an expert how you can go about reaching your goal. Want a college degree but don’t know where to start or if it’s even possible for you? Call an admissions counselor and ask some questions. Know what you want but you’re just being lazy? Then make a list of the steps you need to reach your goal and make a pact to check off a step a week or a step a month.


Long Term Goals List - Prepped for the Good Life
Long Term Goals List – Prepped for the Good Life
Long Term Goals List - Prepped for the Good Life
Long Term Goals List – Prepped for the Good Life


Gluten Free Meal Plan January 28th to February 3rd

Gluten Free Meal Plan January 28th to February 3rd

This is the first week that I don’t have to run around everywhere! Well, maybe. We haven’t actually made it there yet. Things have been so crazy lately with moving and getting the kids settled into their new school that this is one of those times when I am even happier that I always have a gluten free meal plan to help me through the week!

We are living in a rental right now and I am still trying to use up what we have while also cooking very simple meals because the kitchen in this house is tiny and there isn’t much room to work with!

Gluten-Free Meal Plan


Sunday –  leftover lasagna (I use Tinkyada brand lasagna noodles) from the night before

Monday – Tacos (I use GF McCormick Taco Seasoning) with Spanish rice, pineapple, and refried beans

Tuesday – Leftover taco meat and rice

Wednesday – Baked chicken with gluten-free stuffing (Live G-Free from Aldi’s!) and a salad

Thursday – Vegetarian korma

Friday – Tuna melt in a pepper with fruit, veggie sticks and chips

Saturday – Round steak and gravy (I use GF McCormick Brown Gravy when I use a packet) in the crock pot with Ranch potatoes and salad

Sunday – Homemade hamburger helper with a salad

Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan - Prepped for the Good Life
When things are busy, having a gluten free meal plan ready can make a big difference.
Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan - Prepped for the Good Life
When things are busy, having a gluten free meal plan ready can make a big difference.
Weekly Gluten Free Meal Plan - Prepped for the Good Life
When things are busy, having a gluten free meal plan ready can make a big difference.
Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Most people I talk to are stressed, overwhelmed, and unhappy with at least one major aspect of their lives. This can be in their jobs, their finances, or their relationships. They are unbalanced. Chakra balancing can help you find that stability in your life. It can help you learn how to add balance and keep your life from feeling as if you are just teetering from one thing to the next.

Prepping for the good life is about finding the harmony in all areas of our lives. You don’t have to believe in chakras to find the benefit in balance.

Chakra Balancing with the 7 Chakras

What are the 7 Chakras?

Chakras are described as energy systems in the body that relate to different aspects of your life, both here on Earth and with the Universe. Focusing on each of these energy systems, and in return focusing on the different areas of your life, will help you bring them all into balance. Physical and mental ailments can occur when we are unbalanced; Chakra balancing will help you figure out which areas of your life are out of wack and which ones you don’t need as much work on.

Lower Chakras

The lower chakras are a part of your Earthly self. These are your baser instincts, your physical needs, your place in the world, your sexuality, and your relationships with others.

These are the lower chakras:

Root Chakra or Muladhara – The root chakra is all about that base and how strong your roots are. The root chakra surrounds your childhood, upbringing, and parental figures. It can help you feel safe and relaxed in life. It is located at the base of your spine.

Sacral Chakra or Svadhisthana – The sacral chakra is located around the lower abdomen, a few inches below the navel. This chakra is the seat of our creativity (which includes creating life!), and our ability to manifest the life we want. Our relationships, and learning not to hold on to things that no longer serve us, are also a part of this important chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra or Manipura – Located between the navel and the solar plexus, just below the rib cage, this chakra is full of sunshine! Love for yourself is big in this chakra. How can you truly love others if you don’t love yourself fits well here.

Upper Chakras

The upper chakras are our spiritual selves. They are related to our intuition, perception of the world around us, our self-expression, and our wisdom.

These are the upper chakras:

Heart Chakra or Anahata – This chakra isn’t really a lower or an upper chakra, it’s the heart, the bridge between our earthly and spiritual selves. The heart chakra resides in the center of our chests. It is the healing center of our body and it is where our physical and our spiritual world connect.

Throat Chakra or Vishudda – This is the first of the upper chakras, connecting your physical voice to your inner self. If you are not being your authentic self then there is a good chance that your throat chakra needs some chakra balancing.

Third Eye Chakra or Ajna – This chakra is also sometimes called the brow chakra due to it’s location at the brow, above your nose and between your eyes. This is where your intuition sits and gives you a connection to something bigger than yourself.

Crown Chakra or Sahasrara – This is the highest chakra, the connection to our higher selves, to the Universe, to God, to Everything. A balanced crown chakra ill can help us live a mindful life, to live in the now, and live a life of peace and love.

Need more help with chakra balancing? Check out my book 7 Weeks, 7 Chakras for a seven week plan to help you find more balance in your life. Want something even simpler? Check out my simple to follow Chakra worksheets.


Real Work At Home Jobs I’ve Done

Real Work At Home Jobs I’ve Done

I’ve worked from home for a decade and a half. I’ve made more money some years, less others, and I’ve taken entire years off to concentrate on my home and picked it back up again. I have enjoyed working from home and the freedoms it has afforded me. Here are just a few real work at home jobs that I have worked and made money from.

Author – I have been a published author on Amazon since 2011. In that time I have sold over 6000 books. This is by far my favorite job. I get to express myself, share knowledge, and be creative. Amazon’s system is very easy to use and I’ve had no problem uploading all of my books myself. I also go lucky because my sister is an eBook cover designer and she designs all of my book covers.

Printables – I’m just getting into this one but I love doing it. It’s a lot of fun and I’m already making money even though I don’t have very many printables (items that others can download and print on their own computers, also called downloadables). Etsy has proven to be a good site for me to work with. I plan on putting more effort into this avenue in the next year.

Web Designer – If you have some basic tech skills, a knowledge of the internet, and a good eye for design, you can be a web designer. I’ve done several websites over the years, often with my mom. This isn’t one of my favorite real work at home jobs though many people really enjoy it. It is very good money if you know what you are doing but it just isn’t for me.

Webmaster – This is a job that I have done for others and for myself. A webmaster is just the person who takes care of and updates a website.

EbatesEbates is a cash back site. Basically, you shop as you normally would and, if you download the Ebates extension to your internet browser, ebates will alert when you will get cash back if you purchase from the site you are shopping on. My three kids eat school lunch once a week and my ebates check basically pays for them all year long. Sign up below!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a survey/cash back/rewards site. I don’t use it as often as ebates because ebates usually offers higher cash back but it is my back up. There are also videos you can watch, surveys you can do and things you can sign up for to earn money. I don’t spend much time on it at all and still got a $25 Amazon gift card. Sign up for Swagbucks!

I also use Mturk, Amazon’s short task website but it isn’t always allowing workers in. I used to do survey sites but they take up a lot of time for little money. If I do feel like just messing around with surveys or easy tasks that don’t take a lot of thought I go to Swagbucks or Mturk.

What real work at home jobs have you done?


Build Your Own House Update

Build Your Own House Update

I feel that I’m just spinning my wheels. I want nothing more to have my family under one roof but the roof on the new house is just now getting put on. I feel like we’re running against the clock with winter coming (and thank goodness it’s been late!) and money running out and not running in.

Building a house in the best times with a contractor and a crew is stressful. Adding in doing it yourself with whatever family and friends you can round up just adds to the fun. Our families are doing everything they can to help and they are wearing out, not too mention the money they are helping out with by buying gas back and forth and lunches for whoever is working that day. And then the time! Our families are giving so much time right now. Our families have helped in so many ways and we are grateful. We couldn’t be doing this without them.

Building a house yourself is possible but it’s not going to be ALL by yourself. I mean, I know people have done it but there are several parts that you need at least two people for, if not more. My husband has done most of the house building with his dad. My dad, a few uncles, and friends have helped us when we have needed it.


We spent our first Thanksgiving on our new property. The kids thought it was fun to have turkey sandwiches in the camper and we thought we were too tired for anything else. We drove around our new town. The kids really liked seeing their new school and we all enjoyed our new town park.

This is a big change for all of us and we are all feeling the stress. This was a great day to just relax and get to know our new life, even if just for a moment.