10 Ways To Lift Your Spirits Right Now


10 Ways to Lift Your Spirits Right Now

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve been struggling with depression lately, something I have always battled on and off. I ended up really sick, something else that often happens when I get depressed. I am just now feeling like I’m on the other side of it.

You know how when you’ve been really sick and in the house for days and days and you finally wake up feeling good and look around in wonder at the world going on without you? No?  Maybe it’s just me. I often end up with this sense of hope after a long illness as if I’m once again ready to take on the world. I do the same thing at the New Year, the beginning of spring, the beginning of the school year …

Obviously I haven’t taken on the world yet, but I do seem to have a back log of hope to do so.

I received some news today that had me turning off my WiFi router. My first reaction was anxiety. What was I going to do with only me? No TV, no internet, no email. So far I’ve gotten a lot of shit done. I think I’ll keep this up.

Anyway, I’ve been depressed and I’m working my way back up to not-depressed. If you are feeling depressed or down today as well here are 10 ways to lift your spirits right now. Remember, we’re not trying to jump from depressed to pure elation, we’re just trying to feel a little bit better. Maybe from depressed to sad or angry to less angry or work up to feeling okay. I’m feeling pretty okay right now. Try these ten things and see if you can lift your spirits even just a bit.

  1. Listen to your favorite upbeat song. No, not the song you and your ex listened to. A song that makes you feel good, that inspires you, a song that brings back good memories.
  2. Watch a funny video. Make YouTube your funny best friend.
  3. Call a friend or family member. Call someone you laugh a lot with. You don’t have to tell them your problems, just talk.
  4. Take a hike. Literally. Go for a walk or a hike outside. Feel the wind and the sun. Blizzard? Thunderstorm? Move some other way. Do a yoga video or just sit on the floor and stretch.
  5. Take a nap or go to bed early. Many of us don’t get enough sleep, help your body recover by resting.
  6. Put down the drugs and alcohol. I know. I’ve been there. It really does seem like it helps, like it takes the edge off or helps you forget about your problems for a moment. The other damage it is doing to your body isn’t helping.
  7. Dance. Dance like no one’s watching. Or, if you’re feeling it, dance like someone is watching.
  8. Meditate. If you can’t just sit there and breathe then listen to a guided meditation. Don’t worry if you fall asleep.
  9. Pet a puppy. Or a cat. Or a cow. Interacting with animals helps raise your spirits.
  10. Take a bath. Pamper yourself in some way. You deserve it.
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