10th Birthday Party Success And DIY Popcorn Bar


Birthday Popcorn BarWe decided several years ago to only have big birthday parties on “milestone birthdays”. Years five, ten, thirteen, sixteen, and a graduation party. The other years we have a family dinner. This was our first tenth birthday party. I’m glad to say it’s a success. I’m also glad to say it’s over. Girls party hard. And late. And eat a lot.

We had the party at a fun center in town followed up by a seven girl sleepover. We managed to get our construction zone of a basement into some semblance of a room and threw the girls down there. They were up until late with karaoke, a nail station, iPads, a popcorn bar, and movies. It was loud and giggly and the next morning it looked like a popcorn tornado had went through but they had a blast.


The Popcorn Bar

The popcorn bar was a huge hit at our last birthday party and was a big success again. It’s such and easy, fun snack to put together and the best part is that it doesn’t cost much at all!

I bought one box each of Milk Duds, Raisinets, and Sixlets. I also bought three bags of popcorn because that’s how lazy I was at this point. Actually popping it myself would have been even cheaper. I got to use my little square appetizer bowls and the miniature spoons that I was given by my Grandmother. She hung them as decor on her wall but I like to use them. I also got popcorn boxes at Dollar General for two dollars. In retrospect I would have taped the bottom of the boxes or got bags instead, it probably would have reduced the popcorn tornado somewhat.

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I love a successful party.

Happy Birthday to my little girl, to my first two-digit birthday kid, to the six year old I met and fell in love with four years ago who has become a beautiful, wonderful ten year old now.