Adoption Party and 10 Year Vow Renewal


Everyone says that it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. I’m hoping those people say it’s good luck to rain on your adoption party day as well. Obviously, those people have never had to cram 35 people into a small house when the front yard washes away.

The day started overcast with a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon. That was a chance I was willing to take, after all, it was 9 in the morning and the party would be done by two. We began to put up the decor, outside, under the tents.

Just as I put up the last tissue paper pom-pom it began to sprinkle. Then drizzle. Then pour.

Needless to say, I don’t have a picture of them. Just imagine a bunch of wet paper hanging from a canopy.

It didn’t take us long to move everything inside but it did change the decorative effect I was going for. By the time we got it all shifted around people were beginning to arrive and I was still in my pajamas.

The AIP Protocol has allowed me to finally lose weight and I was able to buy a size medium dress. That was a great feeling to add to the celebration of my family.

The adoption party was not a surprise but the vow renewal was. Only a select few of our friends and family knew and I was very nervous about pulling it off in our living room. We made a hurried decision to have our vow renewal ceremony in our hallway with everyone watching from the living room and kitchen.

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It totally worked. We had a beautiful ceremony in which an ordained friend of ours said some beautiful things in front of our closest friends and family.

Ten years later, we were married again. Plus three.

I hadn’t realized that though a judge in a courtroom had given us a piece of paper and declared us a family, I needed more. I needed the spiritual aspect of becoming a family. I needed someone to say words over us in front of our family and friends and spiritually tie our family together as one. A piece of paper is just a piece of paper, our spiritual union is for always.

We put together lunch boxes for the adoption party.

Wedding Vow Renewal Adoption Party - Prepped for the Good Life

And cupcakes

Adoption Party Cupcakes - Prepped for the Good Life

I painted a painting for everyone to leave their thumbprint on instead of the usual guest book. Their thumbprints were supposed to be the balloons holding the house up, a la Up. Not everyone seemed to understand what they were supposed to do. *Note to self – make instructions clearer

Adoption Party Guest Book - Prepped for the Good Life

We also ended up with two photo booths due to the rain. The two were supposed to be combined but I had to bring part of it inside because of all the rain.

Adoption Party Photo Booth - Prepped for the Good Life

And the other part stayed outside and we were able to use it when the rain finally stopped. Some of my favorite pictures of the party came from this picture frame hanging from the tree. This is my favorite picture of my husband and I at our vow renewal.

Adoption Party Photo Booth - Prepped for the Good Life


I loved marrying my husband again. We have been together for 18 years and married for ten of those. I was honored to repeat our vows again and renew the spirit of our marriage.

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I loved that my children were there and that we made promises to them as well as each other. Our family was created as a whole piece in that moment. We are now a spiritual as well as a lawful family.