We Bought Five Acres


I wanted to title this post, We Bought a Zoo, like the movie but we didn’t. We bought five acres. It seemed funny at first …

We have been looking for acreage, a home, or a business in or near my hometown for almost four years now. There have been many options that have come up. Some too expensive, many unrealistic, some just plain crazy. We have looked at things that would stretch our budget, businesses that we’d have to get a partner for, commercial property with potential but a roof falling in, and land covered in trash and burned out buildings. We have run the gamut in ideas and hope and dreams.

The hope of potential began to become depressing. It didn’t look like there was anything that was going to work for us.

And then.

A month ago we stopped by and looked at five acres. It had so many pros. It was on a county road with only one other house. Across the street was a cemetery so we knew the neighbors were quiet. Town was across the street meaning we had all the privacy of the country with the conveniences of a small town. We could walk to restaurants and shops. The trees were beautiful. The front first acre of the property was cleared and ready for whatever we could imagine.

It had some cons as well. An old house and several buildings were falling down and needed removed. It fronted a train track. Town was across the street meaning we weren’t as far in the country as we would like. There wasn’t water on the property.

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The biggest pro was the price. With some money finagling we could buy the property with a cash deal and not have to get a conventional loan. This is what made the decision for us. Everything else we had looked at involved a loan. We really liked the idea of paying cash and not owing anyone (except ourselves and some on one of our credit cards at 0% interest for one year). The land would be ours, our own escape route, our own weekend getaway, a blank slate for our hopes and dreams.

We bought the property a week and a half ago. The front cleared acre is being brush hogged today so that we can get a better idea of how much it will take to tear down the house and buildings.

This is an exciting new chapter for the Good Life and we can’t wait to share it with all of you!

What would you do with five acres?

We Bought Five Acres - www.preppedforthegoodlife.com
We Bought Five Acres – www.preppedforthegoodlife.com