Emergency Prep


No one has a crystal ball to see when an emergency will strike your family. That’s why it is a great idea to plan ahead and prepare for an unexpected expense or emergency event. Emergency preparedness can keep you safe and save you money.

My husband and I used to fly by the seat of our pants. We didn’t worry about whether we could pay the rent much less if we had money or supplies set back in case something unexpected happened. This caused a great deal of stress on our lives, stress that could have been averted with some simple planning (and better money management, financial preparedness is important to!)

Emergency preparedness isn’t just restricted to an electrical outage or zombies. There are many types of emergencies that could affect your wallet or your life.

Unexpected Expenses

Many emergencies aren’t life threatening but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be just as prepared for them. You may have a tire blow on your way home from work or your heater goes out on the coldest day of the year.

Having an emergency fund for unexpected expenses such as these is emergency preparedness. Everyone says that you should have $1000 in an emergency fund. That is correct and incorrect at the same time. If you only have $5 to put in an emergency fund then do that. Over time, little amounts will add up.

Did you make it to $1000? Good for you! Now is time to really save. Your next goal should be a months worth of expenses. Then two months. Then three. Having a good six months of expenses saved can really help you if you have a big expense or lose a job.




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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness extends to a tire blow out on the side of an unknown highway or an electrical outage or a winter┬ástorm in which you can’t get out of your house for several days. These situations can be either stress free or stress reduced by planning ahead.

A good bug out bag, emergency kit for your car and house preparations can turn an emergency into an event you are more than capable of handling.

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Survival Preparedness

Survival preparedness isn’t as likely to be needed as the other two but it can be just as important. You may end up lost in the woods, in an emergency situation that lasts weeks or months longer than you expect, or the truly scary could happen and there could be a break down in civilization. We may not want to think about, or even admit, that these situations could happen but they could. If they were to happen you would feel much better if you knew you and your family had the skills and tools to survive.

How is your family’s emergency preparedness plan? Do you have one? Are you good in one area but lacking in another?