Happy New Year


As a child, New Year’s Eve consisted of Canasta and treats with my Grandma and my Grandpa. I felt so safe and so grown up sitting at the kitchen table with the adults.

As a teenager, New Year’s Eve consisted of sleepover’s with friends and one party at my parents house that boys were invited to.

In my 20’s, New Year’s Eve consisted of alcohol and staying up until all hours of the morning. At least I think that’s what New Year’s Eve in my 20’s consisted of. I don’t remember all of them.

By the time we hit our 30’s we were tired. Sometimes we would go out and head home right after midnight and other times we would just spend the evening at home with a bottle of wine and some good movies.

And then kids came along in our mid 30’s. I’m excited to give my kids the same feeling of New Year’s Eve that I had as a kid. I make it a party and we have appetizers and kazoos and dress up and play games (though they are now just as likely to be video games as board games). The kids love it. And me and my husband tell them about ten o’clock that it’s midnight and we countdown to Netflix’s King Julien countdown (Please do this again, Netflix!) and then we send the kids to bed and pass out soon after.

Happy New Year to you, whether it’s ten or eleven or midnight.

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