I Can Lay Tile. DIY Bathroom and Basement Remodel


A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with a severe mold allergy. A few months later we found mold in the laundry room in our basement. We pulled out the wall with the mold, which led to another wall with mold, which led us to thinking we should just take out the entire room. We quit finding mold but we kept ripping out walls. And flooring. And closet doors. We kept going until we had stripped our basement of everything in it.

And then we pretty much stopped until August because we got busy. And our backs hurt. And I was sick from mold. Then we hit it again and built all the bookshelves and cabinets we wanted for one of the walls.

DIY Basement Remodel

And then we stopped again. Until about two weeks ago. Because we got busy. And our backs hurt. And the holidays.

This time we worked on the toilet because my husband decided that was next. I thought building another section should be next but my opinion didn’t seem to matter. And now I’m sharing a toilet with my husband but that’s another story.

Anyway. We started working again with extensive help from my father-in-law. He helped us get to this point in just a few weeks. New bathroom! We used mosaic tile on the floor to help make up for the fact that the floor isn’t very level. The mosaic allows for a bit more flexibility with floor levels. I love the big subway tile vertically placed on the wall of the shower.

DIY Bathroom Remodel

That shower, it used to be a closet. It is a much prettier shower than it ever was a closet. ThisĀ is now the biggest and nicest bathroom in our house. Which kind of sucks because it’s in the basement. And sucks because it shows just how small our other two bathrooms are. And sucks because now I want to put a tile shower in our bathroom.

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We are really close to putting the toilet back in though and I can’t wait for that. With five people you need all the potties you can get in a house.