The Frugal Home – Frugal Living Tips and Advice by M. Kaye Hash – My first ebook


the frugal home on a bookI have published my first ebook, The Frugal Home, on Amazon.

Becoming an author has always been my dream and I am so excited to finally set out on that path! Especially with a topic like frugal living that I have studied and used in my own life for so many years. When my husband and I decided I would work from home, finding ways to live cheaply became paramount to making it a successful venture.

This book is full of tips and advice for someone just starting out on the frugal path. It is a compilation of the best advice found on my former website.

After a great deal of research and thought, I decided to price my first book at $2.99 (now 99 cents on Kindle!). You can find it on Amazon, click The Frugal Home, to download it yourself!

I hope to eventually have it available to more outlets than just Amazon. That will take some more research and I haven’t even learned all I need to know about Amazon ebooks! I am also considering compiling the recipes on my site into one easy to read eBook full of cheap recipes.

Currently, I am working on what I am fondly calling a “slasher” novel, a far cry from saving money tips and advice! As it it is going much easier than writing about frugal living, I get the feeling that it is more up my writing alley. (ETA – I published it! You can find Ghost in the Light : A Novella find on Amazon!)

The Frugal Home Book - Tips and Advice on Frugal Living - Prepped for the Good Life

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