Prepped for The Good Life! Helping you plan, prepare, and enjoy the good things in life. 

We are a family of five prepping our way through life! While we don’t always reach our goals, we believe that being prepared can help make life so much easier. Whether it is prepping breakfast for the week or prepping for an emergency, we feel like living Life PREPPED is the path to an easier life.

Tyson is the go-to for all things survival, emergency preparation, camping, and custom furniture. He hasn’t been at this blog thing as long as I have so give him a break and expect great survival videos, tips, and even an e-book in the future!

I have ran one blog or another for over ten years, have written 7 books, illustrated one, and am raising three great kids!

B is our oldest. She’s funny, goofy, clumsy, and the absolute hardest worker I have ever met.

P is our second. He’s witty, charming, and into all things sports.

A is our littlest. She’s animated, loud, and very excited about life.

We also have an old beagle named Bandit. He’s cranky but we love him anyway.