New Book Release! How to Find More Joy by M. Kaye Hash


How to Find More Joy : 90 Days to a Happier You by M. Kaye Hash Author New Book Release

Are you having trouble finding joy in your life? Does it seem just out of reach? Joy is within reach for all of us. Starting with the small joys in life, you can build your happiness back up.

I loved writing this book. It brought me …. joy. No, really, it did. I often know I am on the right path when things come easily and this book just flowed. I enjoyed writing it and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

I have spent several years trying to find joy again. The fostering and adoption of our kids was a huge transition for the five of us and many days were spent with my husband and I falling into bed at the end of the day wondering just what we had gotten ourselves into. As someone who also battles depression and anxiety, it was sometimes difficult to find the okay in a day, much less find the joy in it.

Years of depression had given me tools and awareness that helped me gain greater mental health but what helped the most this time was looking for joy in the small things. It took some time but eventually the small things kept adding up to greater happiness. You too, can find this happiness.

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