Seven Weeks, Seven Chakras


Seven Weeks, Seven Chakras by M. Kaye Hash

My spiritual journey started quite young. The seven Chakras were a part of that journey and I enjoyed learning about them and applying them in my own life. Focusing on various categories of our lives can help us grow and move past undesirable aspects of our lives.

I learned a great deal while writing this book. As I wrote about each Chakra, I was able to focus on these areas myself. I worked through several aspects of my life as I worked on this book and I hope that you are able to have the same benefits and you read through Seven Weeks, Seven Chakras.

Seven Weeks, Seven Chakras is meant to be worked through in seven weeks, one week for each chakra. Keep a journal as you go and use the worksheets at the end of each chakra chapter. These worksheets are available for download below if you would like to print them. If you would like more worksheets you can find them here.

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Root Chakra Worksheet

Sacral Chakra Worksheet

Solar Plexus Chakra Worksheet

Heart Chakra Worksheet

Throat Chakra Worksheet

Third Eye Chakra Worksheet

Crown Chakra Worksheet


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