This Girl Here


IMG_4226Do you see that toy on the couch just under her nose? That is a Kong brand tug toy. She had it for five minutes before it was destroyed. Even Kong can’t conquer Zoe.

I love this girl. 8 years ago my husband knocked on our front door. When I answered it he had a little blue puppy on a leash. He told me she was just there for the weekend. It’s the only 8 year weekend I’ve ever been through.

This girl is a gentle 55 pounds. I’m pretty sure she thinks she is about 20 pounds. Anyone with a pit bull knows how this works. They are lap dogs in the strongest sense of the words. She is my constant companion. She is at my side as I work at the computer during the day, follows me from room to room as I clean, lays outside the bathroom door when I shower, and sleeps in between my husband and I.

The only time this girl found someone she felt needed her attention more was the first child we fostered. She lay outside his door when he slept and she didn’t leave his side, allowing him to cover her with blankets for naps and pile blocks around her as she slept. When he would return upset from visits with his parents, Zoe would allow him to cry into her side as he held her. She didn’t rest much during the time we had him. She aged in those 7 months but that little boy learned all about the beautiful love of a dog.

She was very happy when our kids first moved in. She doesn’t follow them like our foster son, I think she knows they don’t need her quite as much, but she does check on them each night before coming to bed, sleeps on them when they watch TV and waits every day in the window for them to get off the school bus.

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We found out she has cancer last November. We did two surgeries and thought we got it all but it came back about a month ago. We don’t know if we have months or years left with her but I will take every minute I can to look at her beautiful face and know that she has shined a light in my life that I will carry in my heart forever.