Tooth Extraction and a Broken Hand


I had a tooth extraction on Monday. It was a previous root canal that kept getting infected, due to my autoimmune issues my body doesn’t fight off infection well so it had to go.

I only slightly made an embarrassment of myself in the after effects of the anesthesia, which is much better than the last time I was put under and woke up with a great deal to say about the Kardashians.

My husband took excellent care of me, which made up for the gas debacle of a a few days before. He actually took better care of me than I probably would have taken care of him. I told him he’s a better mom than me.

He took care of the kids as well, full on mom-mode. He made dinner and helped with homework but he didn’t fold the laundry. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have folded it either.

The day after my extraction we got a call from the school nurse saying we needed to come pick up our son because it looked like he had broke his wrist. I still wasn’t well enough to pick him up so the hubby did and took him to the hospital. metacarpal spiral fracture, foot ball injury, hash

The poor baby has a metacarpal spiral fracture, the middle finger bone that extends down into the back of his hand. It’s his first football injury though it wasn’t the game that broke his hand. He went after the football on the playground and a swing, an empty swing, hit him on the hand. I think football injury sounds better than breaking a hand on an empty swing.  He said he was frowning in the picture so everyone would know how much it hurt.

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I feel bad for my son and I felt bad for myself but I am very proud of my husband for taking such great care of his family. I am grateful. What has your spouse done this week that you are grateful for?