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When we were young, moving involved whatever boxes we could get from behind a grocery store and whatever would fit into some trash bags. We were more concerned our liquor bottles would break on the way to our next rental than protecting our stuff. In our last move we were flush with cash and I bought moving boxes. I was even able to spring for nice plastic bins to move a great deal of our things that later were used for organizing and storing other items. This time is a little different. We need to save as much money as possible and I don’t want to take a bunch of stuff I have to organize or store. So I’m left with the age old moving question, where do I find moving boxes?

Where to Find Moving Boxes


Grocery stores – Grocery stores are no longer the option they once were when looking to find moving boxes, at least here. All of the boxes get bundled together instead of thrown out back like they used to do. This isn’t true in every town so make sure you check if you can grab some at your local grocery.

Gas stations/liquor store – You can find awesome boxes at liquor stores. A lot of their boxes have partitions to keep bottles from breaking and they are made of thick cardboard. This boxes are great for packing up your kitchen or other breakable items.

Recycling bins – We have giant bins set up in a parking lot of our town where you can just go throw your recycling in the appropriate bin. If you hit the right days, you can find a great deal of boxes. I like to go on Sunday night or Monday morning after everyone has spent the weekend going through their Amazon shipping boxes and taking them to the recycling. Going the day before your city picks up the recycling can yield a lot of great boxes.

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Shipping and Packaging Stores/Storage Unit Stores – Buying boxes is definitely easier if you can afford it.

Facebook – send a shout out to your friends and on any local groups you are a part of asking if anyone is getting rid of moving boxes.

Craigslist – search on craigslist for people getting rid of or selling boxes or post asking if anyone has any.

Keep the boxes you get – If you know you are going to be moving soon, start keeping every box you get from the Amazon boxes to the box your new hair dryer came in. You may be surprised at how many boxes come into your house each week! And, if you have Prime like we do, there are always boxes!

Keep your old moving boxes – if you move a lot, it may be worth it to keep your old moving boxes. I just found our moving boxes from five years ago in one of our sheds. I’m not saying keep them for five years (more like if you move every year or so) but it was a nice little find!

Amazon – really don’t want to put any effort into finding moving boxes? Order them from Amazon and you’ll have them in two days if you are a Prime Member.

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Where to find moving boxes – www.preppedforthegoodlife.com

Where to Find Moving Boxes pin (1)

Where to find moving boxes – www.preppedforthegoodlife.com


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