Why I Have Housekeepers


I’m emotionally drained today after yesterday’s chicken incidence, so this morning I’ve written a little on my new book about joy and I’ve surfed the web.

I went to a frugal/recipe website that I occasionally read, leftover from my frugal living days.  An article talking about penny pinching discussed not having a housekeeper as a way to save money because it’s work you can do yourself.

Very true. Housekeepers aren’t cheap and you can totally do it yourself. Until you can’t.

I have autoimmune issues. For several years these issues have kept me rather sick. Over the last year and a half I have taken steps that have helped me make great strides in my overall health. The biggest improvements have came in the last 8 months when I hired a housekeeper to come every other week.

Are these health strides completely due to my housekeepers? No, but they have been a big help and I can see where a housekeeper can help any overwhelmed family that has the money to pay for it, not just ones like me who were doing it because it added to my health.

How can a housekeeper add to your health, you may ask? Let me count the ways. Or just write them down in any old order.

Before we got housekeepers our home was hit or miss. My husband works 50 to 60 hours a week, sometimes more, we have three kids, two dogs, started a basement remodel almost a year ago that stalled two months after we started it, seven acres and a home that have to be taken care of.

I would go weeks being sick and not able to do much more than pick up, or not pick up at all. My kids have daily chores but I wasn’t always well enough, mentally or physically, to check and make sure they were doing a good job. Plus they’re all nine and under so they’re still learning how to do certain chores, much less able to do that chore like an adult would. Or like I want it done.

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Then a week would come and I’d feel good and I’d clean and clean and everything would look nice and sparkly. Then I’d get sick again.

You see the cycle here?

We adopted our kids almost four years ago. I have done very little work in that time. Mostly because I’ve been taking care of three little kids but also because I was too sick to work on a book or a course or a website.

Then I went out and got myself a housekeeper. Life. Changing.

I love those girls. I love knowing they will be here every other Thursday and I love going grocery shopping then coming home to a very clean home.

Who wouldn’t? I get it. I’ve gotten some “joking” comments about the fact that I stay home and have a housekeeper. As if I’m so spoiled.

Here’s the deal. When I’m not sick, I’m a hard worker. When I’m sick, I’m mentally and physically barely able to care for my children and husband.

Housekeepers help me through that. Without fail, whether I am sick or not, whether I am depressed or not, whether I am happy and productive or not, they come every other week and clean my house from top to bottom.

It has taken a huge mental burden off of me. No longer do I have to stress if I’m not feeling well that it will be weeks before the house gets clean again and it’s easier to keep it all picked up in between which makes all of us feel better.

Not having to focus on cleaning gave me physical and head space to work on other areas. My health has gotten even better so much so that I started working again in September and took on a project to build a website for someone. When I finished it I started writing again. A week ago I started blogging again.  Did I tell you I hadn’t worked in over three years? It feels so good to have the health and the mental capacity to work again, to make something that will make a difference to someone.

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I came down with bronchitis a few days before Thanksgiving. We host Thanksgiving at our home but I was feeling awful. What I wasn’t feeling was stressed because my housekeepers came and cleaned my house.

Stress takes my body down and wipes it out, housekeepers decrease my stress.

Should you have a housekeeper if you are barely making ends meet, if you are barely keeping the electric on and food on the table? Of course not. But if you are eating out several hundred dollars a month or doing something else because you are stressed then taking that money and paying someone to clean your house may just make a huge change in your life that allows you to do things you couldn’t do before, that decreases your stress, that allows you to get ahead in other areas of your life.

Don’t feel guilt about it either. If you have the money to pay a housekeeper and your spouse agrees to it and it’s not taking money away from your family, then don’t worry about what other people say. People waste their money on all kinds of things, eating out, manicures and pedicures, hair, cars, boats, and many other expenditures.  If you want someone to clean your house, even if you sit on the couch and eat bon-bons while they do it, then so be it.